A Favourite Place on Earth?

16 05 2013

Some people have a favourite place on earth. Maybe it’s their childhood home, a popular resort vacation spot, or a bustling European city. I don’t have one favourite place…I have like, ten 🙂 I was asked recently what my favourite place in Australia has been. That is an incredible difficult question! I answered with my top three, and even that was difficult, but here goes. In no particular order, my favourite places are: the top of Cradle Mountain, Federation Square in Melbourne, and the coastal trail in Noosa National Park. Each of these places are quite unique. From rocky wilderness to a bustling city square to sparkling ocean views, this is an incredible country! I have been incredibly blessed to be able to explore this place for the last four months. It has been a slow whirlwind trip, an experience I will never forget. It has been one which has taught me much about myself, this world, other people, and the God who made us. I feel different from the person who arrived here four months ago. Not that I’ve changed incredibly much; I still am who I am. Because even though I do think people change, the core of our being — who we are– doesn’t ever change because we’re meant to be who God made us to be. It’s interesting to think about birth and growth as humans. I don’t mean physical growth, but it’s like God makes us each as individuals, yet it is clear that we are not intended to remain just as we are. We are created with potential; each of us has room, so to speak, for growth in our lives. And this is not to say that we were created imperfectly, just potentially, I guess. And that growing never stops, not until we are united with our Maker and spending eternity with our Lord. Wow. Life is a journey, they say, and I would agree. It’s exciting to think that it is a journey toward perfection and eternity.

How is that for the rambling thoughts of an ever-growing traveller?
Let the journey continue. 
Even though I have left Australia today, I’m not coming home just yet. I have the opportunity to do a bit of a tour through a few states first to visit some lovely people, first in California, followed by Ohio and then Michigan. After travelling for four months and always being on the go, I wasn’t looking forward to settling somewhere quite yet so I’m delaying that for another month:) I think after five months though, the sound of home will be very sweet.
p.s. I’ve included some photos below of the highlights and favourite spots along the east coast.



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