Humble Home, Shining Palace

18 08 2013

I just finished reading the C.S. Lewis classic “Mere Christianity”. A fantastic book for those of you who haven’t read it. Answers a lot of questions about the Christian faith. I know, you’re probably thinking, you went to Calvin College and you’re just now reading that classic? Well, what can I say? It got tucked away on my shelf and now I have the time to read!

Near the end of the book, he writes about the transformation of a person when they give God ALL. We can’t just give Him a little bit – that’s harder in the long run anyway. But if we let Him, He will begin to change us, rebuild us, transform us. And we may think its like a renovation project, if we were a living house. (An image Lewis got from George MacDonald) He’ll fix the leaky pipes, fill the holes in the wall, put in a few new windows. That sort of thing. But when He starts to work in us, and He begins to tear down walls, gut the basement, replace the flooring, adding wings and courtyards etc, we may get a little nervous or be a bit surprised. It may hurt. But the reality is, when we thought he was just renovating us into a new home, He’s actually building a palace. Why? Because He wants to dwell there. He wants to live in us. And He is King, after all.

All this I’m thinking about while settling in to my new, humble home here in Surrey, B.C. I have the blessing of renting a basement suite in the home of a delightful, wonderful family from my new church. They are probably the friendliest landlords a person could ask for, so much that they don’t even feel like landlords. And the gardens. Look and smell amazing! I get to walk through the backyard every day to get to my door, and it is just lovely. The morning sun streams in my windows each day…yes, SUN. In Vancouver. I know! I’m soaking it in as much as I can:)

And my job. My reason for moving here…you’re probably wondering what it is or how it’s going. Just two short weeks ago I began working at Fleetwood Christian Reformed Church as their Youth Pastor. It was a wobbly start when I first arrived, due to jet lag, traveling tiredness, and the overwhelming realization that this would now be my home. But it took only a few days (the long weekend definitely helped!) before this began to feel like home, I found some kind of routine in my work & life, and I can now safely say that I am content, and right where God wants me to be. Which is saying something, being that I’ve moved or traveled every four to six months for the last five years! The work is going well. I’m meeting the teens. Getting to know their families. Enjoying being in a fun office environment. Making plans for the coming year. Seeking God’s direction for the youth ministry at this church!

A humble home and beginning here in Surrey. And through it all He’s growing me into more of who He created me to be, building me step by step into a shining palace where He may dwell. How is your palace looking like these days?




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